Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why the Fourth Station?

"The Passion of the Christ" was an amazing movie for many reasons.  For most mothers, I think one of the most moving scenes was when Jesus met His mother along the path to Calvary.  There it was on large screen: her Son, her heart, her anguish - His love for her, His confidence in her, and their silent strength as together they fulfilled the Will of God.

It is telling, to me, that the majority of Christ's life was in quiet normalcy.  God could have redeemed the world anyway He wanted.   He chose to do it in the context of a family - with a mother, a father, and a Son each fulfilling His will.

As a mother of seven children (ages 11-25), I have had many encounters with Christ through my role as wife and mother.  I have experienced some of the joys and sorrows that I'm sure our Lady experienced in the quiet, normal life of Nazareth. (Although I have never had the honor of witnessing a miracle, unless you call a son actually cleaning a room a miracle!)

And so with this blog, I hope to post thoughts and moments of a mother meeting Christ.  As an older mom, I hope to encourage and inspire other younger moms with wisdom learned the hard way, humor, and lots of love for the vocation of motherhood.

I hope you'll subscribe and tell your friends!  I hope you'll find interesting ideas for springboards for prayer.  Please feel free to comment. Share your encouraging ideas as we go through our busy days caring and nurturing those around us.  And always seek those moments when you find yourself at The Fourth Station - meeting Christ.

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